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July 23, 2015
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If you are using Google Adwords or Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaign to drive some immediate enquiries, you may be experiencing indifferent results. We have outlined our top 7 tips where PPC Campaigns go wrong.

1. Not understanding the customer – are they researching or buying. Your prospect could be at different stages of the process when they are thinking about your product or service. These stages are:

  • Ready to buy now – these are always the best opportunities however the market size is relatively small.
  • Researching to purchase in the short term – opportunities are massive to this audience as you have the ability to position yourself as their number one choice by educating this audience. These prospects needs to be captured so you can nurture the sales process.
  • Researching to better educate themselves so they can purchase in the future – these prospects are searching the web to gather information. They are not in the position just yet to move up the chain and become a really warm lead.

2. Not monitoring the campaign regularly – so many times a pay-per-click campaign is set up with a daily budget. But the actual clicks and analytics is not monitored regularly. By keeping on top of your results you can turn off campaigns that are not working and then focus on campaigns that are. It will save you money…

3. Not testing – Run multiple campaigns and test the offer; copy and the landing pages. It is important to test and measure the results.

4. Too generic or not focused keywords– To often campaign managers will cast out their campaign to a wide audience, trying to capture as many keywords as possible. It is best to have a focused approach by sticking to the areas you feel will give you the best return-on-investment. Too generic and you could result in wasteage.

5. Not getting right bid price – setting up your bids is important. Based on a number of factors, you could potential pay too much. Aim for a position of 3.5 to leverage your marketing dollars.

6. Boring Ad copy – When you run your campaigns, focus on the key benefits of your service or unique selling proposition. Think about the prospect demographics and the stage they are at when searching. You must stand out so getting the copy, right, is critical to the quality of clicks you receive.

7. Best Practices – Any one can setup Google Adwords but know what is best for your campaign will help you reduce your cost-per-click, improve your quality score and more important convert clicks to sales. There are always changes to Google plus using an experienced company, you can leverage their learning’s.


If you want to avoid these mistakes then request a free assessment of your pay-per-click campaign.

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