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January 1, 2016
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Here is a super-simple way to put a plan in place for your business. Good planning doesn’t need to be complex – all you need is some time set aside, free of distractions, to reflect and get your thoughts down on paper. This simple 4-step process will help you to do this very quickly.

Firstly, draw up a 2×2 grid on a piece of paper. These 4 boxes represent the 4 “time zones” of planning…

1. 5 Years

What do you want your life and business to look like in 5 years. Don’t worry about where you are now and how you’re going to get there – just let your mind free to dream and think of your ideal life and business. What does your business look like, your team, your customers, your free time, etc – no need for too much detail at this stage.

2. 12 Months

Here is where get more detailed since it’s a lot closer to home. Where would you like your life and business to look like at the end of 2016. Categories could include: customers, marketing, products, team, location, systems, free time, holidays, how you want to feel…

3. 90 Days

What are the main projects that you want to achieve in the next quarter, based on your goals for 12 months. Keep it simple and just focus on 3 key projects – don’t over-complicate it and try to aim for too much.

4 . Monthly (or Weekly) Plan

Now, break down your 3 projects into a monthly plan (or a weekly plan if you like a bit more detail). Once again, keep it simple and just have a think about the steps you need to take each month to achieve the 3 projects for the quarter.


You’ll now have a monthly plan to follow for the coming quarter. As you can see this is a simple process, so set aside about half an hour to go through this exercise and you are guaranteed to have a much better start to the new year.

We go through a slightly more detailed process with our clients, so feel free to contact us if you’d like a hand working out the right strategies and priorities for your business.


Anil Puri, Business Catalyst.

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