Congrats on making it happen

I am super excited that you have taken this first step to grow your business. We are going to work hard together to help you reach get 3 more clients in the next 100 days.
Lets make this happen together


Strap yourself in. It is going to be insane. We’re going to move fast but we are going to do this together. 
    • We are going to adapt your approach to the current situation
    • We going to focus on 1 product and 1 target audience
    • We going to create relevant messages to your audience that will have them pay attention
    • We going to build specific offers to help generate leads and sales
    • We going to setup your digital marketing campaigns – Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or Google
    • We going to setup landing pages – yes you will need a website
    • We going to create sequences to help you nurture leads and conversations
    • We going to create optimise ads to get results


The next 8 weeks you are going to be working in a Fast-paced, LIVE online “crash course” training with Loushen Govender. You can join me and a private group of businesses to launch a new offer, build a new funnel, and scale with digital marketing, all under weekly LIVE training sessions.
Next Steps: 
    • Join our Close Facebook Group
    • Book in your diary the meetings (9pm Tuesday Sydney EST)
    • Get access to your social media accounts and website
    • Get ready to move quickly
We will be in touch shortly.