Want to Break $15K a Month

Implement a Proven Marketing System

You've taken the first step towards breaking the barrier to growing your business. In fact, once you go over $15K a month, whole new opportunities open up for you.

Over 6 weeks, we're going work together and set up your business, so you can create the business you want.

This is not an education only program. It requires you to spend time IMPLEMENTING strategies, so you are setup to hit more than $15K a month. Each week we will work on it together, in a small group.


Weekly Online Implementation Session

Joins us from anywhere you are on 6 weekly online sessions.

Small Groups

Join a group of other small business owners and learn from each others experience and knowledge. Plus its always fun.

Access to Library of Resources

You'll get access to templates, videos and other training material to help you speed up your marketing activities.

Implementation and Accountability

We keep you accountable but more importantly we help you through the implementation of marketing activities to achieve your goals. Our experts will answer your questions.


The Catalyst Growth Program is made up of 6 key projects that come together to provide you with education, tools, campaigns and support you need to reach the first goal of $15K a month.


Want to break $15K a Month and start to expand your business.
Have a product that you believe in and want to have a positive impact on others.
Committed to putting in the effort and want to implement marketing strategies over 6 weeks.
Have a small budget and willing to invest in getting new clients.


Over 6 weeks, you will get 6 implementation projects delivered by LIVE online weekly sessions with Loushen.

This program is to help you rapidly transform your business and get you on your way to hitting $15K a month.

It is an implementation program, not an education program. You need more than mindset. It is an attitude to implementing our strategies. It is super low cost strategies that many business just don't know how to implement. We are going to do it together.

Every day, you’ll have access to get your questions answered in the Catalyst Program Facebook group.

Do the program, implement our strategies and if it does not work for you, then just let us know after 2 weeks of entering the program, AND we will give your money back.


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Catalyst Program

You have Questions. We have Answers

This program is aimed to help small business grow, even if you just started out.
The 6 weeks program including all material is $495 (plus GST) if you are in Australia.
The Live Coaching Calls are weekly on a Tuesday, at 7:30 AM UTC+10. [Sydney AUS Tuesday 7:00AM, Los Angeles USA 2:00PM, Barcelona 11:00PM] .
We record each LIVE session, so you can watch it later. We will give you the opportunity to ask questions in our close Facebook Group.
It is only 6 weeks and we want to get you to breaking $15K a month, so we will ask for your commitment. Expect to spend 2 hours outside our LIVE sessions.
We are doing it just 3 times a year.
Complete the form on this page and we will be in touch with you.
You can but why would you if you have not broken $15K a month. If after the first week you are not happy, we will refund the amount in full. You will receive the resources for the first week only.