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January 6, 2016
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January 6, 2016
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When we work with clients on their online marketing strategy, we follow 5 key steps to generate more leads and convert leads into customers.
1) Basics – There are some essentials that are required for any business to start with online marketing. This includes using email to maximise your presence. It is as simple as your email signature or setting up an email campaign through software such as MailChimp, Send Pepper and many others. Using your database you can engage with your current audience.
2) Free – Adding content through articles or video blogs to your website helps drive organic search traffic. This strategy is commonly known as SEO.
Additionally, using channels such as social media to amplify your message can help you reach your target audience. Using Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, which are the main social media channels, can help you engage and communicate your core message.
Whilst this channel is free, results can take some time but you will need to be patient.
3) Paid – Running pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns such as Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising or Linkedin Advertising can help you target a specific audience. You can target your audience via demographics or via their search needs. This is the quickest way of generating leads.
4) Re-Targeting – This strategy is used once people have visited your website. Re-targeting (or Re-marketing) follows these visitors on other websites. This is great for brand awareness and reinforcing your message so you are top of mind.
5) Advertising – This is a paid form of advertising on third party website. You can purchase advertising space directly with those website. Works well if you want to target a specific clientele.
If you have tried online marketing strategies and have not achieved the results you wanted or you have some reservations about online marketing, then please contact us to help make online marketing clear for you.

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