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December 9, 2016
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The Marketing Matrix is a simple tool that we use with our clients to help them get clear on the marketing direction of their business. Most businesses put together some marketing channels without thinking about the key elements in a marketing plan. This matrix focuses on 3 key areas:

  • Game Plan
  • Attract
  • Drive


Let me explain it further.



a) Problem – The Game Plan is about your strategy and core products. We are all in business to solve a problem for our customer whether that is making things easier, faster or better. Knowing the exact problem and the purpose of being in business, we help you in terms of your marketing strategy and determining if your product or service achieves its objective.

 b) Ideal Client – Who do you server is key in helping you work with your target market. Our process digs into your ideal clients fears, frustrations, wants and desires and also looks at their demographics. This will help in determining where to spend your marketing dollars and in getting your message right.

c) Standing Out – if you blend into the market with your competitors, it will be difficult to show a point of difference. Showing your competitive advantage and communicating the difference will help you stand out from the crowd. There are many ways to achieve this…



a) Message – Getting your message clear can only be achieved if the above 3 areas are covered. Your message must be different but also consistent in your delivery.

b) Offer – in terms of offer, our focus is to drive people to visit your website; call you; or go into your store. Your offer must be compelling and may vary depending on your client and time of year. The aim of your offer is to grab their attention so they can take the next step towards your business.

c) Channels – There are three many marketing channels

i)Online – this includes paid advertising, search, eDM, banner advertising and social media

ii) Offline – in terms offline, many business only invest their time and money into Online and forget about offline. Offline includes direct mail, PR, experiential marketing and much more. Do not discount this as part of your marketing tactics.

iii) Leverage – The most commonly used marketing channel is the use of partners to help drive leads and customers. This can be used very effectively if there is a win- win for all parties including the end customer.



Drive is about using automation or systems to help drive return-on-investment (ROI) for marketing. Many businesses seem to avoid this topic for many reasons. Our focus is in these three areas:

a) Tools – this can be tools to help do the heavy lifting. These can include using email systems (Mailchimp, Consistant Contact etc); WordPress, CRM (Salesforce, Insightly), Evernote and many others. The key is to build systems to automate your marketing.

b) Measure – every marketing dollar require measurement. Once you determine your ROI, you can identify which channels are effective.

c) Review – A consistent review of marketing is key to determine its effectiveness.

Download the attached Marketing Matrix and if you require any assistance, we can sit down to help you working through the 3 core areas.



Download the marketing checklist and identify the areas in your marketing that you need to focus on.



BY Loushen Govender

Marketing Catalyst at Nine Pillars.

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