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December 5, 2017
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How to create Blogs that People want to View?

These days people are inundated and consumed by information. Trying to position yourself as an expert and the go to person in your industry, can be difficult.. So how to get people to view your blog after you may have spent a lot of time on it. Here, I share 5 key things to get your blog read or watched by more of your ideal clients.

  1. Punchy Headline – make sure your head line addresses a problem that relates to your prospect. It should not be about you. A great way is to share ‘How to’ or ‘ 3-5 Ways’ to address the problem. This will grab your prospects attention as it will connect them with the problem.
  2. Use Bullet Points – people are time poor so one way to grab the attention of people that skim read,  is to use bullet points. This way they can skim read and then go back to the article to find out more information.
  3. Make it about them, and not You – too often people will sell a product or service when writing a blog or creating a vlog. It is better to educate and share information about the problem. You can use a case study of how you were able to help a client solve the problem. If you make the blog about you and not your prospect or customer, they will become disengaged plus you may impact them from reading or watching future blogs.
  4. Eye catching image – there are so many great photo stock libraries, with some even free. Use this to find the right image that relates to the headline or article. Be bold and try to stand out. Do something different. You can also edit images using free graphic design tools like
  5. Video Blogs (Vlog) – Both Anil and Loushen find it easier to create a video blog rather than spend time writing it out. It can take some time to write out a blog as you try to perfect it but we have found that it is easier to shoot a 3-5 minute video and post it to our blog. You can try to do it professionally but if you want to send out some content quickly, then you may want to use a smart phone (the cameras and mics are awesome). We also send our videos overseas to be transcribe so the word appear on the video stream.

When it comes to creating content, it important to do this regularly. Try the above suggestions to get your blog read or watch.

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