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January 6, 2016
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January 6, 2016
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What happens when your number one referral source stops sending your leads and you need to pay staff and operational costs?

Well, our client Stefan found himself in this predicament. His referral partner sold their business and the new owners were taking their time to refer leads, resulting in Stefan’s revenue dropping.

So what do you do to generate leads quickly?

There were 3 steps we took to get Stefan back on track.
1) Built a Marketing Plan – we created a 6 month marketing plan outlining just a couple of tactics to generate leads. We dug into the target audience to get a better understanding of their needs. Too many times Business Owners like to cast the net wide to capture as much as they can but get very little results. Important to stay focus on a particular segment of your target market. This will make it easier to create a message and offer.
2) Designed a Landing Page – a specific web page was designed to promote the offer that sits on the current website. The landing page clearly articulated how Stefan’s company was able to resolve the problem.
3) Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign – we ran Facebook and Google Adword campaigns to help drive more traffic specifically to the landing page.
  • Facebook campaign – we were able to target people that shared the same demographics of his ideal client and lived in close proximity to Stefan’s location.
  • Google Adwords – based on key keywords and phrases, we created a campaign to target people that were proactively searching for the service.
The Result:
  • 8 leads a day
  • 5 quotes a day
  • More cash resulting in better casflow
  • Less stress
The stress of running the business has reduced for Stefan. There is consistent flow of leads and less reliance on referral partners.
Quick question: There are many marketing tactics to generate leads. What strategies are you turning to when you need leads quickly.
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