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January 6, 2016
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January 6, 2016
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This is a simple concept to follow that will develop your skills, abilities and effectiveness. It’s an especially effective concept to help you to develop your leadership skills and team development ability.

It’s all about looking for opportunities to get out of your Comfort Zone. It’s obviously uncomfortable to step out of your comfort zone but once you do it a couple of times your comfort zone grows and it becomes easier and more natural to do it again.

This could relate to activities such as public speaking or even confronting poor performing team members. It’d difficult and uncomfortable the 1st time but it becomes easier the more you do it.

So, the lesson is that we should embrace opportunities to get out of our comfort zones, while accepting that it’s not natural to do so. This is how we grow as individuals and this is how we grow our skills, abilities and effectiveness.


By Anil Puri

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