Coronavirus: 3 areas you can do in your business to reduce the impact

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March 3, 2019
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March 26, 2020
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Today I’d like to talk about the number of phone calls, emails and conversations I had this week with business owners concerned about  Cornavirus and the impact on their business. . 

The biggest challenge I see with businesses owners, is how they react to their market. ‘Thinking Positive’’ is a great mind set but is not going to get sales in the door. 

The 3 areas you need to focus on right now: 

  1. Take control – This is not the time to go to ground. Marketing is an area of the business that you can control. It is time to re-evaluate your marketing plan, products or services and focus on stability. 
  1. Don’t pull the pin on marketing – Don’t give your competitors the edge. If there was ever a time to focus on marketing, it is now. You just don’t want the impact on your business revenue or your reputation.. 

If you have not started marketing, please do so now… 

And if you have, then look at areas where you can add the most value and get a return on investment. 

You may want to look at some immediate activities such as::

    1. Email campaigns
    2. Social media posts
    3. Social media advertising
    4. Google Ads
    5. Cold Calling
  1. Avoid the scattergun approach – if you decide to focus on marketing, then avoid the scatter gun approach as it will only cost you time and money. This is never a good approach when running a business. 

Our SECRET weapon – With our clients, we use a framework called ‘REVENUE MAP’. We help our clients focus on 5 key areas of marketing, so they can get the best return. 

The five areas are:

  1. Problem
  2. Niche
  3. Product
  4. Offer
  5. Marketing Channel

We help clients launch 1 campaign and focus on each of these 5 areas. It is simple, focused but most important provides a great return on investment. 

Where are you right now with your marketing? Are you going to pull back to grow during this tough time? 

You have control.. Just don’t procrastinate.. Take action and results will come .

By Loushen Govender

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