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December 5, 2017
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If you are investing in Google Adwords, Social media advertising or using other online marketing strategies to drive more traffic to your website and you are not converting traffic to leads or sales, then I recommend you use this tactic.

Firstly, you need to create a Landing Page. A landing page is slightly different to your current website. We recommend having a landing page that does not have the same menu or footer.

Your see, if you send traffic to your normal website that has multiple services or products, you end up confusing people. When they look around your website they become distracted and as result they leave your site without leaving their details or purchasing from you.


“Give people only one option” – Loushen Govender


Here are 3 areas to consider when setting up a landing page to convert traffic to leads or sales:

1) Attention

  • Create a headline that addresses your prospect’s problem
  • Position yourself as the expert to that target market

2) Engage

  • List core benefits around the problem
  • Provide social proof using testimonials or case studies

3) Action

  • Provide a lead magnet so your prospect leaves their details
  • Provide an offer


We work with clients on a regular basis to help them improve the quality of traffic to their website. If you want more assistance, feel free to touch base with us.


By Loushen Govender

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