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June 8, 2016
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July 18, 2016
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Often we have found ourselves chasing a prospect after we’ve held a meeting.


You know how it goes when you had a meeting and you are following up with emails and phone calls. After a while it seems like we are harassing the prospect. What ends up happening, is that we build a greater distance between us and the prospect, resulting in a small opportunity to get them on as a client. So how do you follow up a lead without looking like a Stalker?


Implement this 2 Step process to help you close a sale


1) Steps in a Sales Process – outline each step of your sales process including prior to meeting with them – ensure you follow each step and try not to take short cut as sometimes things may unravel


2) Follow Up Magnet – create an awesome piece of communication that you can send to prospects after the meeting.

  • A list of questions and answers
  • List of Do’s & Don’ts
  • Share case studies and testimonials


Automate this process so you don’t even have to think about each step. This will help nurture the lead and move your prospect close to the sale. The more education you can provide your prospect and share why you are the better choice, the more likely they will engage with you.


If you are wanting help with closing more leads into sales, then lets have a chat.


By Loushen Govender

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