The Client: Aquafil

Aquafil is a subsidiary of Arrow Alpha Industries. The company engaged Nine Pillars to assist with their digital marketing advertising to help increase lead generation and brand awareness.

Aquafil were running Google advertising campaigns however results were difficult to understand and measure.

Our Google Adwords campaign started with Nine Pillars developing an online strategy. This included:

  • Reviewing current marketing activities and aligning online and offline marketing activities
  • Analysis of Google Analytics and Google Adwords to understand website traffic
  • Review of website content for products
  • Setting up landing pages
  • Running competitor analysis
  • Developing a comprehensive plan that had Google Adword broken into different segments of the market
  • Created 167 campaigns in Google
  • Tested numerous campaigns copy and keywords
  • Focusing on niche markets that provided greatest ROI

Our results:

  • Sales have increased by 31%
  • 67% Increase of website traffic
  • Accountability and measurability of marketing spend associated Google Adwords and ROI is evident with results.