Build, Grow & Scale your business with Guaranteed Results

Hey Business Owner,
Ready to set up the business to grow and create a better lifestyle. See most business owners never reach their monthly goals. The reasons (or excuses) is that people will blame everything from:
  • Not enough time – if you prioritise it, you will make time
  • Not enough money to invest in getting new clients
  • Feel they tried everything and it has not worked
And they wonder why they never built the business they dreamt about
They never The Catalyst program is designed for savvy business owners that are getting great results for themselves and their clients but want to go further. Catalyst program  will show you how to build, grow and scale your leads and sales.

Whats covered in the Catalyst Program

We’ll work together and implement 9 core marketing projects to help rapidly grow your business using proven strategies and tactic without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Carve Position
You’ll learn how to move from being a generalist to owning your niche to get bigger results – money and fame
  • Generate Traffic
Discover online market tactics to fill your pipeline and have leads lining up wasting your advertising dollars.
  • Optimise Conversion
You’ll discover the 3 parts to creating irresistible offers to move prospects from lead to sale in a short amount of time. No gimmicks…
  • Create Content
Build engaging content that transform the way your prospects thinks whilst building trust.
  • Install Automation
Free up your time and install a marketing machine that continues to build your brand and delivers your new customers.
  • Establish Retention
Returning customers with a high life time value, is the corner stone to a Million dollar business. It will help you business partners and referrals and can have the industry talking.
  • Grow Tribe
Learn how to create a following and build your brand presence allows you to have great impact to helping people.
  • Leverage Team
You will learn how to build your team so they can elevate the business and you can enjoy more freedom.
  • Explore Opportunities
You’ll learn how to diverse and explore opportunities in business, charity and personal life as business is more than hard work.

This group is for:

  • Established business owners with more than 2 years in Business
  • Business doing 6 figures
  • Have room for more clients and willing to expand
  • Willing to learn and make changes (action takers)
  • Already having a positive impact on others
  • Willing to have a bit fun

    This group is not for:

    • People that are just starting in business
    • Businesses looking for a get quick rich program
    • Businesses owner who are not authentic


    Is your business ready to go big?

    …then apply here for a short 20-minute phone call,
    just to see if you’re a fit for our program.

    Next steps from here

    • You will need to complete some in-depth information about your business – get rid of some of the tyre kickers.
    • Setup a 20 minute chat – just to make sure we are the right match and we can help your business

    Our Guarantee

    • I guarantee that if at the end of  the first month, you do not feel you receive what I have outlined here or received the VALUE you invested in… then I will happily put your investment BACK into your bank account.
    • The first month you will have access to all the material – cheat sheets, videos, templates and more.

    Need Proof

    10X Leads a Month

    Our finance company have used agencies in the past. We were bleeding our advertising spend and not getting results. However, Loushen and his team has helped us move from single digit leads a month to 10 times every month. Nine Pillars continually look for ways to us improve.
    Matthew Erwin – Grow Finance

    Booked 1 month in Advance

    As an OT, in a competitive market, I wanted to get my practice to a level that had booked appointments, 1 month in advance. Within a just a few weeks, Loushen was able to achieve the result. I have since changed premises, employed staff and looking to expand.
    Kimberley Hughes – Koolkatts

    The live calls are conducted twice a month at 9:00pm Sydney time.

    To get the results you will need to spend about 3 hours a week

    Don’t worry. We record every thing, so you can go back to it when you can.

    The Catalyst Program runs for 12 months

    We’ve created a member site that has all the modules, videos and worksheets. Our webinars will also be added to the members.

    Its expensive but we aim to get you the full 12 months worth back in 90Days

    Awesome – complete the questionnaire and then we will schedule a time to chat via Zoom.


    Is your business ready to go big?

    …then apply here for a short 20-minute phone call,
    just to see if you’re a fit for our program.