About Us


It’s not about us… It's about you..

Your business and how you want to grow…. We’re here to help you get there quicker. Our unique Marketing Model take clients from their current position to Doubling their Revenue in 12 months. And if this goal is not high enough for you, we can help you build, grow and scale your business. .


If you must know

Our team is led by Loushen Govender who has over 20 years experience in marketing. He has worked with large corporate companies but the last 11 years working with businesses from startups, to small to companies turning over $20Million.

“There is nothing more rewarding than to see businesses hit their goals and grow. I chose to help SMEs because I know I can make a difference to their business, themselves and the people they serve (customers & staff)”, Loushen Govender, Marketing Strategist


Small Team, Highly Focused

The team is made up of Strategic Thinkers, Creatives, Copywriters, Designers, Developers and inquisitive people that think outside the square to help our clients deliver a positive outcome. Our result focus attitude means we always on the pursuit to build, grow and scale your business. That is why we offer a Guarantee in Delivering Results.


Tested Tactics Tailored

We've worked with businesses from start up, to BRW top 100 companies. We've helped businesses from local Chiropractors, medical services, manufacturers, retailers, restaurants, hotels, wineries, builders, tradies, real estate agents, financial planners, finance companies, Ecommerce and more…

Our experience extends across a number of industries BUT there is no one perfect strategy until we plan and implement campaigns. So if you looking for a short term quick fix, then we are not the company for you. We also don't take on any client as we believe in helping clients that want to make a positive impact on their target market.

We work with clients that want to collaborate together. We find that this is the perfect partnership where we both are engage on the same goals.

If you are ready to grow your business and want a system way to Build, Grow and Scale your business, then make Nine Pillars part of your team.



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