Implement these 5 Steps to Get More Clients

Serve more people and build your sales pipeline in the next 30days

Enough BS

Are you open to trying something different

Don’t know about you but I have seen 100+ ads and emails in the last few weeks offering help on how to get through these “uncertain times”, so out of respect, I’ll skip the BS stories and get straight to it because…

None of the marketing messages I have seen is doing what I am about to share.

I am going to share the strategy and approach my clients and I are using to serve our niche. It’s part of my 30 Day Growth Plan Challenge I gave my clients.

If you are already thriving, then you don’t need to waste your time.

However, if you are starving or just surviving, then I want to share the 5 step process I am using that is getting clients amazing results in 30 days.

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Move from Starving, to Surviving or Thriving

For the next 30 days, you can join me and a private group of businesses to launch a new offer, build a new funnel, and scale with digital marketing ads such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Google, all under two weekly LIVE training sessions.

We'll work together in the next 30 days - twice a week to get you moving forward toward Surviving or Thriving

Focus on your Tribe

You’ll discover how to position yourself right and lead your market.

Build deep Connections

You’ll learn how to serve with confidence and offer what people want.

Help more People

You’ll learn how to make your message more relevant to your audience so they continue to buy from you.

Move to Survival

You’ll find ways to reach your audience that are low cost and provide a positive ROI.

Here's Your 30 Day Growth Map With Me

Here is what we going to cover in more details

  • We are going to adapt your approach to the current situation
  • We going to focus on 1 product and 1 target audience
  • We going to create relevant messages to your audience that will have them pay attention
  • We going to build specific offers to help generate leads and sales
  • We going to setup your digital marketing campaigns - Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or Google
  • We going to setup landing pages - yes you will need a website
  • We going to create sequences to help you nurture leads and conversations
  • We going to create optimise ads to get results

$497 for the next 30 day!. No hidden fees or recurring payment.

One-Time Single Payment, No Hidden Fees. 100% Guaranteed. Or you can also pay it in 2 instalments $295 x 2

2 Guarantees

  • The Catalyst Program is designed to help you generate leads and sales step-by-step in 30 days.
  • Over 30 days, you'll get templates, worksheets and videos to complete, all delivered in our member area.
  • We also have 2 LIVE Group Calls every week for the first 30 days, so I can help you implement. Plus we record our sessions, so you can go back to it when you want
  • I have also created a Facebook Group, to help you engage with others and where we can share ideas to help each other
If you don't like our program after the first session, we'll give you 100% refund back to you.
After 60 days and you don't get a return on investment by working with us,, I'll keep working with you until you do. Plus you'll still have access to all our modules, videos, and worksheets.

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Here are some questions we get asked all the time about the Top Gun Program

Top Gun Program

The live calls are conducted on Tuesday & Thursday at 9:00pm Sydney time.
To get the results you will need to spend about 3 hours a week.
Don't worry. We record every thing, so you can go back to it when you can.
The Crisis Catalyst Program runs for 30 days.
We've created a member site that has all the modules, videos and worksheets. Our webinars will also be added to the members.
The total cost is $497 (plus GST). You may choose to pay it in 2 installments - $250 x 2
Awesome - To get started click on this link

Need Proof

10X Leads a Month

Our finance company have used agencies in the past. We were bleeding our advertising spend and not getting results. However, Loushen and his team has helped us move from single digit leads a month to 10 times every month. Nine Pillars continually look for ways to us improve.

Matthew Erwin

Booked 1 Month in Advance

As an OT, in a competitive market, I wanted to get my practice to a level that had booked appointments, 1 month in advance. Within a just a few weeks, Loushen was able to achieve the result. I have since changed premises, employed staff and looking to expand.

Kimberley Hughes

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