3 Ways to Improve Response Rates to your Marketing

As a business owner, you may have spent time and money running marketing campaigns on channels such as radio, Facebook, Google advertising, billboards or direct mail.

If you have invested this time and money and people are not responding then it can be really deflating. To help improve response rates, there are 3 areas I like to focus on…

1) Target Audience

The more you know about you target market, the easier it will be to determine the right marketing channels to use. You can find out their demographics and their buying behaviour by doing some research into your ideal clients. A great way to start is to look at your current client list.

Additionally, having a niche will may make it easier to target prospects as you will be able to focus on a message that speaks directly to them.

2) Strong Headline works every time

To get attention of your target audience, then you want to focus on getting your headline right. Your headline needs to provide a solution to your prospects problem. By highlighting these facts your prospect will identify with the problem and will take notice. Offering a solution will further help them take action.

3) Call to Action

A lot of advertising has too many calls-to-action. You want to make it simple, so sell one step at a time. The more choices you provide your prospect or customer, the less likely they are to take action.

Make the offer clear and don’t try to communicate too many offers at the one time.