So, I had a question from a client in my Catalyst Program – How do I deliver content that feels useful, and that also moves people closer towards working with me?

There is so much content out there and trying to get people to take notice is becoming even more difficult.

The mistake that most businesses make when producing content, is that they are one dimensional. It is the same approach to their audience for all their content..


And they wonder why people are not engaging with their content.

Here’s the thing, one of the core skills you can develop on your way to increasing engagement and helping people is with your content. Use 1 of 3 approaches to producing content, regularly.

Let start with…

1. Education Based – this approach is most commonly used however a lot of content is not structured correctly to keep people engaged or they give away all the information on how to solve a problem, without any further action required by their prospect.

The key is to produce education based content that positions you as the authority figure in your industry.

Tell your prospect what and why they need to make a shift or change.

2. Sales Based– You have to remember your prospect may not have heard about you before and they have stumbled upon your content. If your content reads more like an advertorial about how good you are, then most prospects will be lost. This sales pitch is too much. You need to provide a clear call to action that only sells the next step. This can be something as simple as a free guide; a video; FAQs etc..

3. Branded Content – By branded content, I mean having yourself in the frame. Branded content is the least used approach as many people suffer from ‘tall poppy syndrome’. They feel that others will take them down if they are seen to be enjoying their success. Ignore these haters and use branded content to stand out from others. This can be dancing in videos; using cartoons, having fun, etc…

Be yourself and be genuine..You will see that more people will connect with you and want to do business because of YOU. Remember, you can’t please everyone but if you can help just a small amount of people resolve a problem, then you have achieved a lot.

How to produce the above will be shared in coming blogs.

That’s enough for me for now.

If you want to get around other people who are scaling and learn how to do this and see some examples, then send me a message and we can chat. Or if you want my Content Builder Framework ™ let me know and I will send it to you.
Stay safe and stay healthy