We recently ran a webinar for one of our partners, The Executive Centre serviced offices in Sydney.

The topic was “Understanding and Managing Your Cashflow” and covers:

  • The components of cashflow and how to tweak them.
  • Understanding your P&L and why it’s your key financial performance report.
  • The 5 key ways to grow your business profits.
  • Understanding the “cash gap” and how to reduce it.
  • Learn why pricing is so important to business profitability.


One key message in the webinar is that PROFIT is a key component of CASHFLOW. It is difficult to have good cashflow without good profitability.

We are offering a free Profit Boost Session to help you to uncover areas to improve your business profitability. This is a 20-30 minutes session where we can review your business and give you some instant tips to improving your profits and cashflow. Just click above to book in your free session.


Anil Puri

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