• Do you feel that your business has a load more potential but you're not sure what to focus on to get the best results?
  • Are you busy wearing too many hats (and working too many hours) and not getting paid enough for your efforts?
  • Would you like a business that generates consistent new business and a team that helps you to deliver smoothly to your customers?
  • Do you see the value of learning from others and implementing what is working for them? Sharing ideas with other like-minded, motivated and successful business owners can be extremely powerful for a business.

The Nine Pillars Catalyst Growth Program is designed to help small businesses to become bigger, more successful businesses

Do you remember the reason that you got into business in the first place? If you’re like many others then words like “freedom”, “money” and “control of my future” may pop into your head. We know that the reality is very different for many people, and you can feel trapped and uncertain of how to make things better.

That’s why we’ve created the Catalyst Growth Program – to show business owners how to structure and systemise their business to achieve their goals. Plus we provide all of the support you need to ensure that all of those great ideas are implemented and actioned.

We’ve combined the same, proven business-building methodology that we use with our Advisory Board (1-on-1) clients with a community approach that captures the energy and ideas of others, to create a program that any business can afford and which is guaranteed to help accelerate the growth of your business.


The Catalyst Growth Program is made up of a series of pieces that come together to provide you with the tools and support to make your business a success.

1-on-1 strategic planning and goal setting session

A concentrated couple of hours in a planning workshop to help give you focus and direction. You will be given strategies and tools to grow your business.

Monthly face-to-face workshop

Step out of your business and spend half-day learning, reflecting and refocusing on your goals and actions.

Monthly live Q&A call

An online community forum for you to get help with specific issues that you’re having.

Mid-month Accountability

We’ll touch base with you mid-month to make sure that you are on-track and to find out if you need any help getting things done.

Quarterly Growth Days

Join our clients to review the last 3 months, share ideas and put a new plan in place for the next quarter. We also organise a guest Entrepreneurs and leading professionals to share their experiences and strategies.

Access to Online Course

You gain exclusive access to our 7-module Business Foundations course that comprises of recorded presentations and worksheets that share how to run a successful business.

Community of Entrepreneurs

Join a community of like-minded people driven to succeed.

Implementation and support services

You have access to a team of marketing and business specialists that can step in and do the work for you, so that you can get on with the job of running and growing your business.

Access to Tools & Templates

Access proven tools and templates to help you implement fast.

Who is the Catalyst Growth
Program for?

  • Business owners that are committed to putting in the effort to grow and develop their business. It doesn’t mean hours of extra work, just the mindset to learn and take action.
  • Any size and any industry - whether you’re a start-up or an established business it’s a program to help you with the right strategies for your specific business situation.
  • If you like to give back and help others to be successful - we believe that true knowledge comes from teaching and showing others.
  • If you enjoy being around positive, like-minded and proactive business people.

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent workshop! It was a simple, engaging introduction into the basic facets of any business. I found that the tools and processes you provided really helped get my head around my own business. I would highly recommend the workshop for any small business owners wishing to step out for a moment, take a really good perspective of their business and find a clear direction for a successful way forward. Many thanks!

Ian Zammit

I really enjoyed Loushen’s marketing segment. There were so many great ideas shared which I know will help me get more clients. Feeling motivated to get into it

Rob Rooney



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special launch price for first 12


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No lock-in contracts – we only want you to remain if you are getting fantastic value. For the annual payment option, if you are not happy after the 1st month then we will give you a full refund.