The #1 frustration for many business owners is their staff. They get frustrated because they feel (rightly so in many cases) that the staff just don’t care, they don’t have the right attitude and they fall short on ability and common sense. This frustration is magnified because staff are normally also the #1 cost for a business.


It is also becoming harder and harder to find the right staff. As leadership and management guru Marshall Goldsmith says, “Knowing what to do is not the major challenge faced by executives – finding who to do it is!”


What to do about it ? 

To really build a high-performing team takes time and it means the owner and senior managers need to become better leaders. Leadership is all about getting people to want to follow you. The better your leadership ability, the better quality of staff you’ll attract to you.


Some of the areas that we would recommend that every business develops are:

  • A clear vision that can be communicated to the team
  • Clear role definition and expectations
  • A strong recruitment process (it’s much easier when you get the right people on the bus in the first place)
  • A solid induction and integration process
  • Formal and structured performance reviews
  • Encourage a culture of learning, training and development
  • A “rhythm” of team meetings and regular communication
  • Get to know each other personally, socialise and have fun


Is it really achievable? 

The simple answer is yes. It may not be totally smooth sailing (after all, people and personalities are involved) but the effort is definitely worth it. We’ve all been to businesses that seems to run like clockwork and with fantastic customer service. It doesn’t happen by accident and it takes work.


At the end of the day, people make a business. If you want to remain competitive, have a high-performing business AND enjoy coming to work then it all hinges on having great staff that are productive, focused and easy to manage.


“The team management strategies that Anil and Nine Pillars have introduced have been a great help to achieving our growth goals. We’ve always been good at communicating the vision but now we’ve got the processes in place to convert our team’s passion into co-ordinated activities that are pulling the business towards our goals.” 
Richard Munao, CULT Design

How can Nine Pillars help?

We specialise in working with teams to bring about change and improvements in a business. At our core we are people people, and we fully understand the need for a team to be engaged in the direction of the business and also any change process that is undertaken.


We have the skills, experience, tools and track-record to transform your people into a team that works together to drive the business forward. Just speak to us and judge for yourself whether we’d work well with your team.