One Agency Reeves Properties

One Agency Reeves Properties was created in mid 2014 when Andrew and Vanessa Reeves decided to open up their own Real Estate business. Even though Andrew had many years of experience as a real estate agent he knew that he has little experience in business and that he would benefit from working with an experienced advisor to provide direction, accountability and an independent voice.


In 18 months the business has grown to become the agent of choice in its geographical area with a cohesive team of 15 staff. It is set to continue to grow steadily over the next 12-18 months.


It certainly has been a lot of hard work but Andrew and Vanessa are now able to take regular holidays and spend quality time with their young family. We have worked with them and the team to provide them with strategies, a plan to follow, meeting with the team members to get feedback to ensure they are involved, plus developed systems to track performance.