If you want to grow your business and achieve results that will give you the money and freedom you deserve, then this business program will help you get more clients and more profit, while building a team to run your business smoothly.


Lead Generation

Plan Your Success

You need to get a clear picture of what you want to achieve both in business and personally. After all, your business should be working to help you to achieve your personal goals.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Create a marketing plan that provides all the strategies required to help meet your business goals. We teach and show you online and offline marketing tactics to help you attract the right audience.

Systemise Your Business

Systemise Your Business

One of the key areas that we work with our clients on is reducing waste and improving competitiveness through process improvement and better systems. Ideally you would have a business that is less reliant on people and more reliant on systems

Build a Wow Team

Build a Wow Team

If you want to remain competitive, have a high-performing business AND enjoy coming to work then it all hinges on having great staff that are productive, focused and easy to manage.


  • Do you feel that your business has a load more potential but you're not sure what to focus on to get the best results?
  • Are you busy wearing too many hats (and working too many hours) and not getting paid enough for your efforts?
  • Would you like a business that generates consistent new business and a team that helps you to deliver smoothly to your customers?
  • Do you see the value of learning from others and implementing what is working for them? Sharing ideas with other like-minded, motivated and successful business owners can be extremely powerful for a business.

The Nine Pillars Catalyst Growth Program

Do you remember the reason that you got into business in the first place? If you’re like many others then words like “freedom”, money” and “control of my future” may pop into your head. We know that the reality is very different for many people, and you can feel trapped and uncertain of how to make things better.

That’s why we’ve created the Catalyst Growth Program – to show business owners how to structure and systemise their business to achieve their goals. Plus we provide all of the support you need to ensure that all of those great ideas are implemented and actioned.

We’ve combined the same, proven business-building methodology that we use with our Advisory Board (1-on-1) clients with a community approach that captures the energy and ideas of others, to create a program that any business can afford and which is guaranteed to help accelerate the growth of your business.


The Catalyst Growth Program is made up of a series of pieces that come together to provide you with the tools and support to make your business a success.

1-on-1 Strategic Planning and Goal Setting Session

A concentrated couple of hours to develop a tailored plan to give you focus and direction. You will leave with strategies and tools specific to the growth of your business.

Monthly Education Workshop

Step out of your business each month: to spend time learning and discussing the foundations of business success; and to review and set your immediate goals.

Mid-Month Live Q&A Call

An online community forum for you to stay on-track and get help with specific issues that you’re having.

KPI Tracking & Accountability

Use our online tracking tool to keep track of your goals and the key numbers that are important for the success of your business.

Quarterly Growth Days

Join our clients to review the last 3 months, share ideas and put a new plan in place for the next quarter. We also organise guest Entrepreneurs and leading professionals to share their experiences and strategies.

Access to Online Course

You gain exclusive access to our 7-module Business Foundations course that comprises of recorded presentations and worksheets that show how to run a successful business.

Community of Entrepreneurs

Join a community of like-minded people driven to succeed. Network, share ideas and be inspired.

Implementation and Support Services

You have access to a team of marketing and business specialists that can step in and help get things done, so you can get on with the job of running and growing your business.

Access to Tools & Templates

Access proven tools and templates to help you implement fast.


Each month you will learn a fundamental skill of business success. These all come together to give you the knowledge you need to successfully run and grow your business and achieve your goals.

Set Your Business & Personal Direction

  • Learn the 9 key areas to business success
  • The power of connecting your Vision, Mission, Plan and Activity
  • Practical goal setting and planning tools
  • Improve your personal productivity by understanding the 4 Zones of activity
  • Practical time management tools

Know Your Numbers

  • Numbers are the “language of business” – learn to read your Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet
  • Learn simple strategies to grow your Gross Profit and Net Profit
  • Know how to calculate your Break-Even point
  • Budgeting and forecasting basics
  • Understanding Working Capital and how to manage the “Cash Gap”

Create Your Game Plan

  • 3 core areas that sets up the marketing foundations for lead generation
  • Developing the marketing strategy
  • Understanding your Ideal Client
  • Identifying ways to standing out from the crowd

Build Attraction Marketing Campaigns

  • Learn how to develop marketing messages to get your prospect to take notice
  • Discover the 3 core marketing channels to attract customers
  • Tactics to get your prospect to take action

Master the Art of Sales

  • Your Beliefs – the foundation of effective sales
  • Which of the 4 types of sales people should you be?
  • Learn how to establish an emotional connection
  • Communication and rapport-building tools
  • Convert more leads by pre-selling and developing an effective sales process
  • Learn the art of pulling instead of pushing

Create a Systems-Run Business

  • What exactly are Systems?
  • Learn the 80/20 rule for developing systems
  • The 9 Steps to follow when systemising your business
  • What are the core functions of every business?
  • The link between Rules-Method-Tools
  • The different ways to document and record your business processes

Build a WOW Team

  • Understanding the Cycle of Business
  • Learn the 6 Keys to a Winning Team
  • What is the difference between Leadership and Management?
  • Tips to develop the right business culture
  • How to attract and recruit A-Players
  • The keys to achieving and maintaining high-performance

The Next Level for Your Business

  • How to create a business that can really run without you
  • Learn the 4 key strategies to unlocking your business value
  • Decide on which of the 4 monetisation options are right for you
  • Learn from clients that have achieved business mastery and freedom
  • Understand what may be holding you back from achieving your true potential


  • Business owners that are committed to putting in the effort to grow and develop their business. It doesn’t mean hours of extra work, just the mindset to learn and take action.
  • Any size and any industry - whether you’re a start-up or an established business it’s a program to help you with the right strategies for your specific business situation.
  • If you like to give back and help others to be successful - we believe that true knowledge comes from teaching and showing others.
  • If you enjoy being around positive, like-minded and proactive business people.


SaulThe group program works really well for me. It helps me stay on track with my overall strategic plan. Anil and Loushen have helped guide me for the last 12 months in the program. I have launched some new innovative products as a result. Business for me is now exciting.

Saul Fuentealba, Gecko Rec

matt ciallellaThe Catalyst Program has been awesome. The monthly group session gives me an opportunity to work with the team at Nine Pillars and other business owners. I have learnt a lot. The mid-month accountability calls are also great and help me stay focused on my goals. My business is on track to reach goals I never thought were possible.

Matthew Ciallella, MC Rent Roll Broking

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