Running Pay-Per-Click (PPC) like Google Adwords campaign is a one of the fastest marketing strategies to help you get found and generate traffic to your website. Yet many businesses are afraid to try Adwords either due to poor results or had companies manage Adwords without getting a return-on investment.


We help you build and manage your Pay-Per-Click campaigns

We run PPC advertising across various platforms including Google, Bing, Facebook and LinkedIn. Using a combination of Search and Display advertising (Re-marketing), this pay-per-click (PPC) campaign will help drive traffic and leads to your website.


At Nine Pillars, we work with you to:

  • Understand your business
  • Determine keywords and develop an offer
  • Create a campaign by testing different combinations
  • Landing pages including testing offer, headlines, call to action buttons and even colours.
  • Conversion tracking – tracking lead via phone or email

Why you should do it this way?

If you generating traffic and leads quickly is important to you or you need to test your product or service offering in the market, then using a pay-per-click strategy will help you. The best part of running a PPC campaign is that you can turn it on or off when you want especially if you need to slow down the number of leads.

Our Client Experience

“We tried some of the big Adwords companies in Australia but did not get the results we were after. Loushen helped us understand the reporting and then made recommendation for the running Google Adwords. The on-going reporting and advice saw us generate 3 times the number of leads compared to other companies. The investment can be justified. “

Maria, Open Air Cars


How we drive Traffic with this PPC?

You can also expect us is to conduct ourselves ethically and professional to provide:

  • Details Adwords Strategy
  • Continuous monitoring and changes to Adword campaign to help deliver more traffic
  • Monthly and transparent reporting
  • Conversation on a monthly basis
  • No Lock in contracts