Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about generating traffic not about ranking on the first page of Google or Bing. This is one of the major misconceptions of conducting a SEO campaign. Real SEO, is about driving organic search traffic (OST).


If you have used other companies to help with generating organic traffic, you may be:

  • Skeptical of the work done
  • Disappointed in the results.
  • Guarantee you first page on Google.

The focus must be on increasing quality traffic to your website. This cannot happen over night and results may vary depending on your market. So how do you get more organic traffic.


What to do with Organic Search Traffic 


Firstly, you need to conduct on-page optimisation of your website. This includes structure and content. Additionally, if you have conducted SEO with other companies you will need to run a SEO Audit that review backlinks to ensure there are quality sites out there that is driving traffic to your website.


Secondly, review the keywords and phrases. The focus needs to be on helping generate enquiries, so you want to look at keywords that are more ‘buying centric’ than general information. This is where you are able to increase your conversion rate and get better return on investment for SEO.


Then, the on-going optimisation begins. There are three areas that we focus on:

  1. Content Creation – updating your website with quality content must be your first focus. It must be customer focused content and not just for Google. Update your site with fresh content with focus on adding articles, images or videos. If you don’t have time to create content, then our team can help you here.
  2. Content Amplification – Getting more people to review your content and generate clicks to your website through social media.
  3. Content Syndication – Sharing your content with others and helping create quality backlinks to your website.


Why you should use this approach?


Most businesses will like to generate free organic traffic. Organic Search Traffic is also a marketing strategy to stay ahead of your competitors and increase your brand presence with your target market. So, if generating traffic is important to your business then, OST could work for you.

What others have said? 

“We heard a lot about SEO and have tried with many different companies. Many promised so much and delivered very little value to our business. From the time we spoke with Loushen, he immediately focused on understanding our business before making recommendations. We achieve some amazing results in the first 6 months and continues to use this as our main marketing activity to generate leads.” – Bryan SOS Removals


What you can expect from us? 


It our job to focus on generating leads and sales whilst providing a return on investment. You can also expect us to conduct ourselves ethically and professional to provide:

  • Details Organic Search Traffic (OST) Strategy
  • Continuous changes of OST tactics to help deliver more traffic
  • Monthly and transparent reporting
  • Conversation on a monthly basis
  • No Lock in contracts