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Whether or not you are a tennis fan, as business people we can all learn a lot from Nick Kyrgios’ performance and post-match press conference last night.


The Similarities Between Sport and Business

So why would we look to a young, brash and volatile tennis player to learn about business? Well, you may or may not have heard people speak about the similarities between sport and business:

  • Both have rules that need to be followed (legislation for us in business)
  • Both have teams with different personalities, strengths and ways of getting the job done
  • If you want to play seriously you need to keep score and know your key stats and numbers
  • You’ll do better if you understand the competition and plan how you are going to approach the game
  • The better your team of advisors and coaches are, the better your will perform
  • Amateurs don’t get paid!


What about Nick Kyrgios?

It’s that second-last bullet point above that Nick Kyrgios finally admitted to himself and the public last night.

[Click here for the ABC News article that covers Nick Kyrgios’ post-match press conference]

He admitted that he’s not performing as well as he should, he’s not consistent and he’s not achieving what he should BECAUSE HE DOESN’T HAVE A COACH. In fact, he’s the only professional tennis player in the top 100 that doesn’t have a coach.

I’m not saying that everyone in business needs a coach, but if you want to play seriously in business (just like in sport) then a coach will help you to perform better, get better results and support you on your journey. Sure, you can still get on the court and win matches, but there will be a lot more ups and downs, lack of consistency and frustrations until you have someone there to help you to identify the right strategies and keep you accountable and on-track to execute on your plan.


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By Anil Puri

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