Most businesses just aren’t achieving their potential. We know that many business owners are feeling stuck and frustrated – they want to make improvements but aren’t sure what to do or how to go about it.


Added to this is the fact that business can be lonely. You can’t really share your frustrations with your team because it’s your job to set the direction and keep them motivated. And your accountant normally can’t help because they are focused on tax and compliance work and don’t really have the experience (or the entrepreneurial mindset) to provide business advice.


You can speak to your business friends but they are generally too busy to help or they are in a similar position to you – just trying different things with no clear plan to follow.

What to do about it?


You may have heard people compare business to sport, and the comparison is actually very relevant. Both business and sport have teams, competitors, a way to keep score (your financials) and a need for strategies to out-play the competition and achieve your goals. There are also different levels of sport and business. You can either be an amateur and do it for fun (but not get paid) or decide to go professional and get the big rewards.


However, one thing that every successful sports team has is a great coach. Regardless of the talent of the players, a great coach will bring the best out in everyone, work with the senior players to put in place a strategy and game plan and then make sure everyone performs by attending training and hold them accountable.


Why is it then that many businesses don’t work with a Business Coach? Instead, they get caught up in the day-to-day, always wishing that things were better but not really doing anything to make it better.

Our unique approach


One reason that businesses don’t engage with a Coach is because there’s no real way to gauge their experience or ability. There is no recognised and independent coaching accreditation and many coaches and consultants don’t have a systematic way to look at a business.


This is where Nine Pillars is different. Our senior team have been coaching businesses since 2005 and we have developed our own models, methods and tools to help accelerate the results that we get with our clients. At the core of our approach is the Nine Pillars Business Success Model, and you can click here to watch a quick video where our Director, Anil Puri, explains this model.



And unlike a traditional consulting approach, a coaching approach is focused on developing the skills and capabilities of the owner, the team and the business overall. Our aim is to make our clients better business people and less reliant on consultants for continued success.


All of our clients are clear on their long-term goals and they have these documented and are able to articulate this to their team. They also have a 90 day action plan which keeps them on track towards achieving their short-term and long-term goals. We also get all of our clients together at the end of each quarter to: review their quarter; share wins, challenges and ideas with each other; and put a new plan in place for the coming quarter. This is a discipline that our clients continue to use even if they stop working with us.

What our Clients have to Say?


“Anil is a fantastic coach – he helped me understand the “numbers” in the business, and assist me find the balance between working “on” the business, and working “in” the business. The Nine Pillars quarterly goal setting seminars formed a good habit, which I still carry on.”Antonella Sanderson, Family Law Matters

Lets start a Conversation

Have a chat with our Business Coach, Anil Puri. Having a Coach that keeps accountable, on track and provides business advice can make a big difference to your business. Our unique business model helps clients achieve great results.